Djeco Sardines Observation And Memory Game Dj05161

Card Games Sardines Dj05161

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Djeco's Game of Sardines is an observation and memory game that will challenge adults and children alike. Using a deck of cards with whimsical looking sardines sporting all nature of colourful accessories in unique combinations, the game asks players to memorize the details of the fish on the 'Can of Sardines' card in the center of the table. Only after this card is turned down do players look at the hand of 5 individual sardine cards they have been dealt. Do any of them match the ones on the can? Do your best to remember. But be careful! These sardines are more similar than different.If you are correct, you get to keep your sardines. The object of the game is to keep the most sardines. You will need keen observation skills and a good memory to win.

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