Green & Spring

Inspired completely by the British countryside, Green & Spring products are created using herbs and flowers native to the British Isles. Products include room diffusers, lotions, hair care products, bath soaps and oils. Free UK delivery on orders over £50 at Pixie!

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Green & Spring

Certain scents have been shown to lift mood and influence overall wellbeing. Who doesn’t love to be greeted with beautiful botanical fragrances each time they walk through the door? The sumptuous scents of Green & Spring have been carefully concocted, inspired by fresh verdant meadows and bubbling springs, instilling a relaxing and revitalising atmosphere throughout the home. Founded in London, the company focuses on crafting indulgent, luxurious scented skincare, reed diffusers, candles and hair care products. Their philosophy revolves around naturally sourced, gentle ingredients. Combining this with ethical and sustainable practice, the company aims to celebrate the Great British countryside with their gorgeous product ranges.



Crafted using only the most potent natural oils and rich botanical extracts native to the British Isles, each candle has been designed to provide a different effect – from soothing calm and tranquillity to an uplifting, energising boost.

Bath Soaps and Oils

Created without harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances, Green & Spring soaps and skincare products are formulated using powerful botanical extracts from British herbs and flowers for soft, smooth, beautifully scented skin.