Travelling with kids isn't always easy. As we are a childrenswear boutique we have put together some top tips on how you can keep your in flight experience as relaxed as possible.

Check in early

Be sure to book your seats early and avoid having to sit separately from your kids. Most airlines offer online check-in well before departure, so get it done now to avoid unnecessary screaming at the airport.

In-flight entertainment

Depending on how old you children are it's always recommended getting them to pack their own carry-on cases. This was they can choose their favourite snacks the toys they love, books and games and even a map so they can track the journey.

If you bring magnetic board games, put the dice in a small, clear box with the lid on, so you can shake the dice without losing them.

top model toys

We have a wide range of educational Toys and Games that can keep your children entertained for hours. We have popular toy brands such as Djeco, Lego, Melissa & Doug and Top Model. Whether it's a new soft toy or a seasonal colouring book, we promise that there's something for everyone at Pixie Childrenswear.

Choose a summer outfit

Some children often find the experience of travelling on a plane disturbing and can start to panic in the build up to the holiday. To help avoid this take their mind of the actual flight and give them something to look forward to in advance.

One of the best ways to do this is by letting your children decide on a new outfit to wear for the holiday, that they can wear on the day of travelling. This way can handpick an outfit for our childrenswear shop in Manchester that they will love.

For young girls, we have a range of adorable dresses from brands such as Wild & Gorgeous and Angels Face.

angels facewild and gorgeous dresses

For young boys we have some of the coolest t-shirts and shorts around from brands such as Levis, Molo, Someday Soon and Scotch Shrunk. We also have some summer clothes in our newest arrivals so be sure to check them out when shopping online.

levis t shirt levis designer kids fashion

If they are still scared during the flight, turn the experience into a game by pointing out landmarks and pretending the world below is a toy town during take off and landing, and make up stories about the people in the buildings below to keep them distracted.

Prevent ear pain when flying

Apart from sucking sweets as the plane descends, get them to take a breath in, then try to breathe out gently with mouth closed while pinching the nose. This should make the ears ‘pop’.

Pack goodie bags

In readiness for meltdowns, fidgeting and moaning, have treat bags ready to whip out when needed. Even the smallest of items such as some mystery Lego mini figures can come in handy as a present for good behaviour on board the plane.

 Lego minifigures for party bag

Stash the snacks

Flying through different time zones and messing with your kids natural routines may mean your they aren’t hungry or are too sleepy when you offer them food. So when biscuits and crackers are offered, hoard them for later.