At Pixie Childrenwear we have an extensive range of designer clothing, toys, games and accessories. Two of our more popular Designer Children's brands are Scotch R' Belle and Scotch Shrunk. Here are some of our favourite kids fashion outfits and accessories from both brands.

Scotch R' Belle

Scotch R'Belle BikiniScotch R' Belle Dress
If you didn't know already, Scotch R' Belle is a young girls clothing brand. They have some of the most beautiful girls clothes around and that's why we stock them in our boutique most seasons. Scotch R'Belle have some beautiful dresses to suit almost any occasion. With summer just around the corner, you may be looking what to get your daughter for holiday clothes. They have some beautiful bikinis and hats, which will stop her from getting sunburnt on her head.

We will always be able to find something modern and tropical looking to suit any young girl in our boutique shop thanks to Scotch R'Belle.

Scotch Shrunk

Scotch Shrunk Polo Shirt

With Scotch R' Belle being a young girls brand, the boys alternative designer brand is Scotch Shrunk, and is another bestseller in store.

They have some of the most modern and cool looking clothes around suit most occasions. The Scotch Shrunk jeans are very popular amongst most young boys. They print some very modern t-shirts that look very stylish and will be a perfect match up with a pair of jeans. They also design some great boxer shorts so be sure to check these out as children can never have too many pairs of underwear.

With summer just around the corner you may want to look at their shorts and t-shirts as these will be perfect for a summer holiday abroad. We also have a few pairs of Scotch Shrunk swim shorts to choose from.

Similar to the young girls they also design some great hats for young boys. So again, these straw hats may be perfect to keep your children from getting sunburnt on their heads whilst on holiday.

Scotch Shrunk Boxer Shorts

Kids Fashion Brands

So both Scotch R' Belle and Scotch Shrunk are brands are two of our favourite children's designer brands but we would like to know what yours are, so let us know in the comments below.

If you are going on holiday and ever need any help picking something out, whether it's for your children or even as a present for someone else, let us know and we will do our best to pick out something special.

We are always passionate about making your Pixie shopping experience one to remember, which is why we offer a free gift-wrap service.

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