Planning a children's birthday party can sometimes seem quite stressful. Luckily for you as we are a childrenswear boutique we are going to share some advice that can help make planning a party much easier.

Should my children's birthday party have a theme?

These days young children have high expectations when it comes to their birthday celebration. To them, a birthday party means one or two games, some songs and cake surrounded by their friends and who will most likely bring presents.

Depending on the age of your child will most likely decide if they would like a themed party or not. To decide on the theme of their party try to plan it around things that they like.

What themes are best for a young children's birthday party?

If your child is still young then try to keep the theme simple.  If your daughter has a passion for princesses then focus on that, just the same as if your son is crazy about jungle animals, it's a nice idea to incorporate that into your party planning.

Here are a few ideas for themes:

  • A colour theme is easy, as you can just ask your guests to wear something in your child's favourite colour to the party.
  • Young children love to dress up, so ask the children to come in costume. Even if your guests don't appreciate the significance of it all, you're sure to get some adorable photos.
  • For a jungle themed party try to create an image of the jungle book. Scatter some soft toys around the place, and play themed games, like Sleeping Lions. Alternatively, have some face painting planned and create each child into a wild animal.
  • If you really want to stay basic you can go as simple as emblazoning the number three on everything, from the balloons to the cake.
  • In summer, you always have the option or throwing a garden party. You can cut sandwiches into flower shapes, and serve cupcakes topped with sugar roses. We have lots of beautiful summer outfits in our latest arrivals that are great for these types of occasions.

Depending on the theme you will need to decide on an outfit for your child. We have lots of designer brands at our childrenswear boutique so we are sure you will find an outfit for any occasion.

We have designer t-shirts for young boys that can go well with a jungle themed party, as well as some adorable dresses that will make any young girl stand out like at a princess themed party.

How should I decorate the party zone?

If you want to, you can buy ready-themed party sets. These usually include tablecloths, napkins, cups and plates decorated with a range of themes.

Bunches of balloons and streamers strung over the party tea table look immediately celebratory. You can use a colourful runner, or some old silk scarves or left-over material, in place of a tablecloth. It's bound to get messy pretty fast, so bear that in mind.

Do be careful with balloons, though. Some children are nervous about them, in case they pop. Deflated balloons can also be a choking hazard. Tie them up out of reach, or to be on the safe side, stick to colourful wall hangings instead.

What should I put in a Children's Party Bag?

If you are not sure what to put in a goody bag for a children's birthday party then we would suggest a range of small items and gifts for children to take away that they can remember the party by.

If you are inviting 10 people, you can afford to spend a little more on the contents of each bag than if you are inviting 30. Lego Minifigures are a great bag filler and Estella Bartlett jewellery is a unique gift all beautifully packaged, followed by a few smaller items and a piece of cake will be perfect. Pixie has a range of pre-filled party bags and we can also help you create the perfect party bag based on your requirements.Lego minifigures for party bag

Best Gift ideas for young children?

At our childrenswear boutique in Cheshire, we have a wide range of toys and gifts for children of all ages. This may seem a little more obvious depending on the type of theme for the party, but if you can't decide on what is best for a present at a party we can help you pick out the perfect gift.

Toys and gifts for kids

When you buy any birthday presents we offer a free gift-wrap service as we are always passionate about making your Pixie shopping experience one to remember.